Display Wearables

A Display Wearable is of course a wearable computer display which can be worn on your person.  It may be part of clothing (such as a dress or shirt) or an accessory such as a bag, hat, purse, arm band, belt, vest, jacket, etc.  The display may show information as text, symbols, emoji, animations, etc.  The wearable display is highly visible, especially in low lighting and can be seen clearly from a significant distance.  This will usually attract attention to the wearer by a multitude of potential viewers in the nearby vicinity and in their line-of-sight.

Figure 1


The Display Wearable has a one-to-many attraction and can be used to conduct a business deal; advertising the sale or purchase of goods and services or to simply just enhance the personal interactions between the wearer and other people (Figure 1).  Since the Wearer can be mobile, the attraction factor can track through a large venue and an opportunity presents itself for a Mobile Advertising Wearable (MAW).


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